Monday, September 16, 2013

A new RIC community, First Lutheran Church of the Trinity

We are excited to announce our newest RIC congregation: First Lutheran Church of the Trinity in Chicago, Illinois! 

First Trinity
 is a diverse church with a rich history of reaching out to the community. Serving the Bridgeport, Chicago neighborhood since 1865, they have advocated for justice and all God's creation with events such as "Occupy the Dream!, Earth Day Clean & Green, Rock against Racism, and Beer and Bible Study."

First Trinity is also a leader in responding to hunger and homelessness in their community as many people suffer from a crashed economy, job loss, or the inability to find work. Each Sunday evening, members of the congregation prepare a hot meal for homeless members in the community. Afterwards they deliver 50-100 sack-lunches to neighbors who were not at the meal. Although this project began with a dozen folks, it has grown to 50 within a year thanks to youth groups and volunteers across from across state.

Please join us in welcoming First Lutheran Church of the Trinity to the RIC community!

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