Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A church-planting team located in downtown Indianapolis, IndyVision has decided to become Reconciling in Christ at the very outset of their ministry. They are working toward launching an ELCA-sponsored emergent congregation at the core of Indianapolis in the upcoming year.

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In their own words,
You are welcome... 
...if you've never set foot in a church before, or if you go every week,
...if you're Asian or Latino, black or white, Native American, or some of each,
...if you vote red or blue or purple, or if you color outside the lines,
...if you're male or female or transgendered,
...if your diet is carnivore or vegan, sugar-free or gluten-free or carb-intense,
...if you're three days old, 30 years old, 103 years old, or somewhere between,
...if you're straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual,
...if you're single or married, divorced or separated, partnered or in transition,
...if you’re in a traditional family, a family-of-choice, a multi-generational household, or living alone,
...if you're fully-abled, disabled, or a person of differing abilities,
...if you’re a living, breathing human being with a beating heart and a thinking mind,
You are welcome here.
While the worshiping body has not yet formed, IndyVision does have a Bible study meeting regularly on Tuesday evenings at the ArtsGarden. The team is excited to do the work of welcome, to plant seeds in Indianapolis, and to make real connections with their community. Go visit them if you have the opportunity.

Welcome, IndyVision!