Monday, April 23, 2012

Grace Lutheran Church, Giddings TX

The Lutherans in Texas have been making us all proud. 

In case you, like me, are not a familiar with Texas geography, that's where we're talking about!
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Our most recent addition to the Reconciling in Christ listing is Grace Lutheran Church in Giddings, Texas. Still too young to have a website, Grace formed recently as an offshoot of a former ELCA congregation. Their current status as a synodically authorized worshipping community will hopefully be temporary, as they intend to become an ELCA congregation as soon as possible. They're excited to welcome all people to their congregation regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, political leanings, educational or economic background. 

We're blessed to have you all with us, Grace Lutheran Church. Welcome!


  1. What wonderful news - reading of the addition of Grace Lutheran Church to the list of LC/NA Reconciled in Christ congregations. May God bless you over and over as you do God's work!

    Peace and joy be with you at Grace!

    Pr. Jim Klosterboer

  2. I grew up on a farm near Giddings and was confirmed at the church that left the ELCA. That this has happened there is some kind of miracle. I grieve that it wasn't the congregation that grew up in, but rejoice that these people have created Grace Lutheran Church.


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