Thursday, February 16, 2012

New RIC Congregations in CA and AZ

This week we finalized the RIC status for both All Saints Lutheran Church in Sun Valley, CA and Christ the King Lutheran Church in Phoenix, AZ.

All Saints is excited to become Reconciling in Christ. They serve their community in part by hosting a learning center for preschool children and day camps during school breaks. Members worship together at 9:30am and share adult forum at 11am. The congregation is also host to other programs, including a "giving tree" to support local charities and causes.

He Qi, artist
Christ the King will be embarking on their first year in the local Pride March. The congregation has also been doing work with Eritrean refugees for some time now, and members of all nationalities worship together.

We at Lutherans Concerned are excited to welcome both congregations and grateful for the welcoming ministry they do.

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