Thursday, December 22, 2011

Supporting all marriages

Pastor Brad Froslee
In case you missed it in the morning paper, check out a wonderful letter to the editor by long time supporter of LGBT inclusion Pastor Brad Froslee of Calvary Lutheran Church regarding the amendment and treatment of Senator Amy Koch in recent days:

... I'm sad for what is likely a hurting family, for a state let down by a leader, and for an impending vote that is about division and weighing a relationship solely on the gender of the two people, and says nothing of love, covenant-making and faithfulness.

And perhaps I'm a little sad and yet strangely relieved, in watching this soap opera unfold in the media, with the reality that no constitutional amendment can truly defend marriage.

Then my sadness calls for something more. I am brought back to that place of love and sentimentality.
I am holding onto compassion and hope, for Koch and her family, for our state, and for a citizenry who can overcome division and stand on the side of love for all of Minnesota's families.

We know that marriage matters and applaud Rev. Froslee's public support of marriage, his compassion for people of all views regarding the amendment, and for all of his continued ministries in our state.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trinity Place Awarded For Work With Homeless Youth

If you're not familiar with Trinity Place Shelter, you should be. It is one of only a handful of transitional homeless shelters in NYC designed with LGBTQ youth in mind. Open every day of the year, the shelter has 10 beds and helps accommodate the estimated 10,000 homeless LGBTQ youth in the metro area. Trinity Place Shelter was founded in 2005 when Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan opened their doors the to ten young people in need of shelter during the peak of the winter months. The congegants then unanimously decided to make a permanent effort to work against homelessness through a year-round shelter housed in the church basement.

Their work has not gone unnoticed. Trinity Place Shelter is one of thirteen non-profits in New York City to be awarded a 2011 Union Square Award of $50,000 for their outstanding work addressing social jsutice and economic issues.

Trinity Place Shelter: Co-Founders Rev. Heidi B. Newmark (1st from left), Kevin V. Lotz (2nd from left), and Lydie Raschka (3rd from right) following the 2011 Awards ceremony. Photo by Sarah Stacke Photography.

“Union Square Award recipients make extraordinary contributions to the City. They are at the forefront tackling our most pressing problems from homelessness and hunger to the rising rates of HIV/AIDS. They are community organizers and advocates who provide vital programs and services not otherwise available, especially in difficult economic times. The Award supports emerging organizations by covering general operating expenses, seeding programs, expanding existing services, and helping to leverage additional funding,” said Iris Morales, Union Square Awards Executive Director.

Trinity Lutheran Church passed an affirmation of welcome in 2000 when they were recognized as a Reconciling in Christ congregation. We are proud to be doing the work of welcome alongside such justice minded siblings in Christ. Congratulations, Trinity Place!