Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A few notes from New York

In the happy days after the lifting of the ban on marriage between same-gender couples in the state of New York, here is what a few ELCA pastors in New York are saying:

Rev. Phil Trzynka, pastor of Trinity Lutheran (East Side), New York City, is offering to perform marriages for free. He said:
"There are people within the church who say we support this, and we want to encourage GLBT, if they wish, to get married." 
Rev. Katrina Foster, pastor of St. Michael Lutheran, Amagansett, NY, said
"I'm very grateful that the Republicans were able to re-discover that democracy is for all of our taxpaying citizens, and that this is the proper extension of the principles that we share."
See the full stories at the links provided.

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  1. I'm rejoicing with the people who are now free to marry the person they love and cherish. It was a long time coming.


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