Thursday, May 5, 2011

Silent Thoughts

Today's blog post comes from our friends at Believe Out Loud, a coalition of the nation’s leading religious and secular LGBT organizations that seeks to promote gay rights both within and beyond Christianity.

This weekend, Believe Out Loud is launching an unprecedented campaign to show the world that it is possible to be Christian AND believe in LGBT inclusion. The Million Strong Campaign is looking for one million Christians to break the silence and join the chorus for full LGBT equality in the church. To get the word out, on Mother’s Day we are releasing a video, as part of a “Got Moms?” ad campaign that is heart-warming, thought-provoking and demonstrates why Christians cannot remain silent on the issue of LGBT inclusion.

After you view it, join us and help us spread the word and reach our goal of enlisting one million Christians for LGBT inclusion.

It’s easy to spread the word:
  • If you haven’t yet joined us on Facebook, join us. Simply by clicking “like” you will become one of the Million Strong.
  • Share the video on your Facebook page.
  • Share this message with your friends, family, church community…anyone who has been longing for a way to connect their belief in equality to their belief in Jesus’ teaching.
Now it's our turn to speak up. For too long open-minded Christians have felt marginalized by loud voices on the religious fringe.

Break the Silence. Join the Movement. Believe Out Loud.


  1. OK with me. This Lutheran Christian is in. Good luck with your project.

  2. This surprising little video made me cry!I am the loving mother of an LGBT woman.I am not a Lutheran but this is a minister i would like to know!II am so weary and discouraged by the hateful, dismissive, disparaging and above all judgmental comments i've heard from "Christians"about LGBT people.i am also a psychotherapist who helps LGBT folks heal from the wounds inflicted on them by others.Just this morning i heard a man hurl a hurtful name at another Greenwich Village, of all places!So thank you..Keep the faith, and I look forward to hearing, seeing, and maybe joining you all!
    Linda Saisselin

  3. My good fortune has been know gay people most of my life. They have been friends, co-workers and colleagues, students, and neighbors. I suppose not everyone has those close experiences that help us to recognize our shared humanity as all being children of God. How pleasing it has been, after years of struggle and advocacy, including the work of Lutherans Concerned, to see our church change and help to lead the way to inclusion. Presently, I share the joy of belonging to a congregation, Pilgrim Lutheran in St. Paul, that makes welcome one of its major features in our community of Christians. Roger Sween, Maplewood MN

  4. This important and poignant video must circulate around the world. What a beautiful message.
    Patricia Sween
    St. Paul, Minnesota


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