Thursday, January 27, 2011

Death of Ugandan Advocate David Kato

On January 26th, an unknown intruder killed David Kato, a gay Ugandan advocating for LGBTI rights, in his home.

As many of you know from the news as well as from messages from our International Programs committee, a bill subjecting LGBTI Ugandans to the death penalty has been proposed for months now. Kato's death came a year after a Ugandan tabloid, the Rolling Stone (unaffiliated with the American newspaper) published his name and image, along with those of many other allegedly gay men, with the headline "Hang them."

Kato worked tirelessly to futher the rights and safety of his fellow LGBTI Ugandans. We mourn the untimely loss of his life, as do his fellow workers for justice, his family and friends. Please keep them all in your prayers. Look here for updates on ways to support our Ugandan siblings in Christ.

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  1. Sadness is my only response, why such violence and hatred in the name of God? Rest well dear brother with our Messiah in Paradise.


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