Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hola, Luteranos Compasivos

We here at LC/NA direct your attention—make that atenciĆ³n—to a wonderful, LGBT-friendly Spanish-language program in Cuernavaca, Mexico. As the website reads, CETLALIC is

the most progressive Spanish language immersion school in Mexico, is located in the City of Eternal Spring, Cuernavaca. CETLALIC offers small Spanish classes and homestays with Mexican families in a community-minded environment. We provide a place for cultural exchange with a focus on mutual understanding and social justice issues in Mexico.

Each year, the school offers two special programs for those interested in learning about the situation of LGBT life in Mexico through the study of language and cultural exchange. Although one can attend any of the regular classes at the school, the LGBT programs provide a particular focus on LGBT issues. In addition to intensive language instruction, the classes include guest speakers, lectures, roundtable discussions, field trips, museum visits, videos, and encounters with local community groups, all aimed at increasing understanding of the cultural context of gay and lesbian identity in Mexico.

See here for more information, including schedule.

All of the school’s language teachers and host homes are LGBT-friendly.

The school has been strongly recommended by several members of LC/NA! 

See here for a recent news report about the school.

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  1. I went to CETLALIC this summer for a three week language intensive. The classes are small (3-5), the people in them are interesting, the teachers really take your learning style into consideration, and the homestays are powerful experiences. All in a progressive, justice-oriented, LGBT-friendly package in "don't believe everything you hear in the news" SAFE Cuernavaca where the weather is always beautiful!


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