Monday, November 29, 2010

Let us walk in Your light

In 1988 the World Health Organization established World AIDS Day in response to the global pandemic of HIV and AIDS. It has been an annual occasion to learn about AIDS in our local communities and around the world, to advocate for those living with HIV/AIDS and those at risk for acquiring them, to remember those we've lost to the pandemic, and to pray for all those affected- and make no mistake, we are all affected.

Bishop Mark Hanson said, "I believe that we are called to lift up the dignity and value of each person. We are called to witness God's encompassing and transforming love. We are called to lead by example by standing together against stigma and discrimination, striving for comprehensive access to treatment and care, and working tirelessly on methods of prevention that will help restore health and wholeness to all of God's people." He and church leaders from around the world encourage our prayers, support for one another, and actions.
We put all our hope in you, O God. We trust in your mercy and find comfort in your grace. As we commemorate World AIDS Day we pray for your light to enter into the world and shine brighter than any darkness. let it be a pathway illuminated by your love.

Let us walk in your light.

from the ELCA World AIDS Day Litany
Many churches, community centers and other organizations are holding World AIDS Day events:
  • Edina Community Lutheran Church invites you to their Bonfire event on Wednesday December 1st at 7pm, "a candlelit time of prayer and opportunities for: community song, storytelling, art-making, healing yoga, prayer for healing. A free community meal will be served from 6-7pm." You can find them at 4113 W 54th St, Edina MN.
  • The ELCA offers resources on HIV/AIDS including educational materials, prayers and worship notes, ways to become an advocate, and places to donate time and money to fight AIDS.
  • World AIDS Campaign has resources especially surrounding their Light for Rights campaign, as well as a list of events happening all across the globe.
While I (Emily Hamilton, your LVC intern) have a previous engagement on Wednesday, I'll be inviting my housemates to join me in praying the ELCA's litany that night. We invite you all to join us in prayer, learning, advocacy, service and solidarity that day. Let us know what you, your church and/or your community will be doing to commemorate World AIDS Day.

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  1. University Lutheran Church of the Incarnation in Philadelphia will hold a Prayer Vigil on the eve of World AIDS Day at 6pm, Tuesday November 30th, immediately following Feast Incarnate, a hospitality ministry founded in 1988 for the HIV/AIDS community. We will be using a liturgy compiled, translated and published by
    the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance.

    We have planned this vigil to be part of the Maryknoll missioners around the globe who are working to combat the spread of the deadly disease while accompanying those affected by it.


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