Friday, September 17, 2010

Researchers are seeking participants. Can you help?

District 202 and Dr. Kevin Nadal of John Jay College, City University of New York, are each conducting studies to benefit LGBT people and their allies: the former will interview young LGBT people and their parents in order to better understand their needs and interests, and the latter will study discrimination.

District 202 was founded 18 years ago in response to the lack of safe, sober, supportive space for LGBT youth. Here young people found a place in which to build their own unique community in a new image- a place to speak, to mentor others and to be empowered in return. Since then District 202 has helped form another six groups serving LGBT youth, and has branched out to include a secure online presence for social networking. Its study is helping to inform the organization's programming as it develops in other exciting directions.

Their professional researchers would like to confidentially interview (in their own homes, a third party location or in group discussion) the following individuals:
  • 10-13 year-olds who identify as LGBT or are questioning their sexual/gender identities
  • Parents of 10-13 year-olds who identify as LGBT or are questioning their sexual/gender identities
  • 14-16 year-olds who identify as LGBT or are questioning their sexual/gender identities.
Email either Curt Prins from District 202, or Nancy Clift from Clift Research, to express your interest in interviewing.

Dr. Nadal and Morgan Rasmus are looking for individuals willing to complete an approximately 30 minute long online questionnaire studying "subtle discrimination" in order to help both educators and psychologists become "aware of how discrimination affects several groups based on their sexual orientation." They note that there is almost or absolutely no physical or psychological risk associated with taking the study, but could greatly contribute to societal understanding of discrimination and its impact on LGB people. To participate, volunteers must be:
  • at least 18 years old, and
  • identify as LGB.
You can take their survey online here, and contact Morgan Burns ( or the principal investigator Dr. Nadal ( with any questions.

Consider taking part in a survey if you are qualified, or passing them along to friends and acquaintances who may be interested.

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