Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Raising Up Healthy Kids, Families

Train up the children in the way they should go.  Proverbs 22:6

Here are a a few items on that theme that have crossed the LC/NA news desk recently:

Twin Cities Clergy, Others Call Attention to Problem of LGBT Youth Suicide
Local activism has helped raise awareness of a pernicious problem: the high rate of suicide among LGBT teens. On Monday, a number of concerned students, parents, and clergy (including local Lutherans) gathered for a press conference to call attention to this problem within the Anoka-Hennepin School District (Twin Cities area), where a "neutrality policy" has led to the district's inability to deal effectively with harassment and bullying of LGBT students. See a news report of the conference here.
The group’s work resulted in a strong editorial from the Star Tribune, a major newspaper of the Twin Cities, and is a fine example of how the church can collaborate with secular groups to work for social justice. Here’s an excerpt from the Star Tribune:

School leaders could, for example, follow the lead of many other metro-area school districts, including Minneapolis, that have clearer, stronger anti-harassment rules. National and local studies have shown that those types of policies reduce bullying and help all children feel safer.

The [school] board's hesitancy is similar to other foot-dragging in this country about correcting unfairness directed at gays. Witness court rulings across America that make gay marriage legal in some states and not in others, or the recent congressional failure to drive a nail in the coffin of the military's "don't ask, don't tell'' policy.

When it comes to gay and lesbian issues, there is too much listening and not enough action. Bigotry should not be tolerated in any form.
You will want to read the whole editorial.

Florida Adoption Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
From a story in last week’s New York Times

A 30-year-old Florida law that prohibits adoption by gay men and lesbians is unconstitutional, a state appeals court ruled on Wednesday, and the state’s governor said the law would not be enforced pending a decision on whether to appeal. . . . Evidence presented at the trial by opponents of the ban found no difference in the well-being of children raised by gay parents versus heterosexual parents.

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