Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LC/NA Calls upon All to Renew Commitment to Reconciliation

Nearly a year ago, on August 19, 2009, the ELCA Churchwide Assembly recognized and affirmed the centrality of family in the lives of its LGBT members. Two days later, the assembly made provision for the service in ministry of LGBT ministers in committed, lifelong, same-gender relationship.

As we approach the one-year anniversary marking these momentous decisions, Lutherans Concerned/North America (LC/NA) calls for a renewed commitment to the values and principles of the first and most important of the four "resolveds" of the policy recommendations adopted by the assembly: to love the neighbor, to bear one another's burdens. Overwhelmingly, the assembly agreed to stay in relationship, to live together faithfully amidst our disagreements, and to work for reconciliation; LC/NA calls everyone to do the same.

In the spirit of that commitment, LC/NA initiated a program called “First Resolved,” calling upon all members of the ELCA to reach out to at least two people regarding the decisions made at the 2009 assembly, including someone whom you know has felt confused or hurt and someone who has been made to feel alienated by the church's previous exclusionary policies and teachings.

During the month of August 2010, LC/NA asks again for all to love the neighbor by holding the ELCA in prayer, asking God to grant us the grace to live in unity, mutual understanding, and joy.

We invite you to share your prayers in the comment section below.

(Go here for more details about how you can participate further in the “First Resolved” campaign.)


  1. I have been a Lutheran for 30 years and I love the church. The decision to recognize clergy in committed same sex relationships means a lot to me. I pray for reconciliation between ALL of God's children. God Loves Everyone!

  2. We've been authorized by our Bishop (TX/LA Gulf Coast Synod) to form a coalition dedicated to education and reconciliation across the synod. My prayer is one of grateful thanks for the openness of our Bishop to the work of reconciliation, and for the people to whom we will be reaching out -- on all sides of the issue. Thanks be to God for enabling us to have the desire, the preparation, and the power in the Spirit to do this work. Amen!


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