Monday, June 14, 2010

Sharing the Love

We here at LC/NA want to give a shout-out to Kelly at Progressively Lutheran for bringing to our attention an idea so simple and so good that, frankly, we're a little embarrassed we didn't think of it ourselves.

Along with Justin at DarthJedi and Brant at Both Saint and Cynic, Kelly is calling on those of us who support the changes made at ELCA CWA '09 to write to our church leaders and express our gratitude and pleasure. So let's bust out our pens and paper and remind our fearless leaders that we're here and we're happy and supportive of the new policies adopted by the ELCA.

Read more of Progressively Lutheran and check out some of Kelly's sample letters here.

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  1. when I met the bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod soon after the CWA 09 decision, I personally thanked him for all he had done to help the cause. He said he greatly appriciated it.


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