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I Love to Tell the Story: Storytelling Training Webinar

"I Love to Tell the Story: Storytelling Training Webinar"
Saturday, January 23, 2010
12 noon - 3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time Wherever_you_are, Earth

Register today by contacting Ben Refling by email or by calling 651-665-0861.

Storytelling happens wherever two or more are gathered. But on January 23, 2010, from Noon–3:00 p.m. Central time, storytelling training can happen anywhere, too—preferably wherever three are gathered.

Lutherans Concerned/North America (LC/NA) is offering a free "webinar" to train scores of people all over the country to tell their own stories strategically, compellingly, and efficiently, honing stories into powerful, two-minute instruments for persuasion. This webinar will focus on integrating your own stories with talking points and positive frames for engaging the church to achieve the full welcome and inclusion of all. You will then be able to use these skills to tell your story at congregation and synod events. In light of the recent actions of the ELCA to move towards full inclusion, this training will give you a powerful tool to get the message out about your life in Christ.

Strategic storytelling is one of the most powerful methods of faith-based community organizing. It is the lynchpin of our efforts to get the "movable middle" understanding what full inclusion means in the life of the church and to the lives of its members. Our goal is to prepare 1,000 storytellers all across the country to tell their stories. Participants will learn to
  • put faces on abstract concepts, making them personal
  • begin new relationships
  • communicate values through emotions
  • teach, inspire, and motivate others to action
  • present one training session in their own synod between now and the end of synod assembly season 2010
The training on January 23 will be a "webinar." All you need is a computer equipped with a DVD player/drive, email access, a telephone with speaker phone capability, and two storytelling partners (that's you and two others). The only cost will be for your long-distance phone minutes; if you have unlimited long distance, you pay nothing more. Specific instructions about how to connect and how the files necessary to the conduct of the training will be made available to you will be communicated prior to the training.

Each participant, working in groups of three, will be voice-connected with the trainer via teleconference and will follow a PowerPoint presentation and recorded video links sent to you in advance. Each group will then practice and critique stories, sending questions via email to the trainer as the training progresses.

Strategic storytelling practice happens in groups of three. So, start organizing people now!

Contact your chapter to see if they are organizing for this event.

Get three, six, or nine people together, find a good meeting place with broadband internet (and a large screen projector or monitor, if you are able), and you're all set.

Even if you've already been trained in storytelling, as many were at previous assemblies and last year's webinar, please consider participating. The January 23 training will give you further opportunity to practice and will be focused specifically toward furthering full inclusion.

When we tell our stories to even one other person, the Holy Spirit is most certainly present. When we inspire that person to tell two or three others, justice begins to roll.

Remember, you will need to do the training in groups of three. If you don't know of others in your synod who might be interested, please let us know so we can help.

Register today by contacting Ben Refling by email or by calling 651-665-0861.

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