Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Give to the Max Day, Unofficial Results

Some unoffical results of yesterday's giving event...

GiveMN’s Give to the Max Day has ended. There will be more official results in a day or so, but they have posted some unofficial results. We wanted to report how it all went.

As previously mentioned, this was a 24-hour fund drive for ALL Minnesota non-profits. The unofficial numbers are as follows: In total: $13,229,292 was raised for 3,141 charities. That's amazing!

LC/NA's slice: We were able to raise $12,830. Because there was a finite amount of matching funds, we will probably get $485 in matching funds. However, GiveMN also paid our credit card fees, which allow us to keep the whole amount. Normally, we would have to pay $610 in credit card fees. So it turned out very well.

Thank you for contributing, for passing it along to others, and for indulging us as we moved quickly to take advantage of this opportunity!

We will post the official results as the come to us.

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